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Posted: Friday, July 27, 2007

Thanks for support during Robert's illness

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We would like to express our heartfelt thank yous and appreciation for all the support we received through prayers, cars, calls and love from each and everyone during Robert "Bob" Beierly II's sudden illness.

A special thanks to all Gold Medal Tournament fans, players and Lions Club members for your contributions. Once again, thank you very much. God bless each and every one - bless you well.

Flora M. Beierly and the Beierly family


Thanks for donating to hear Ronnie Kaye speak

The Bartlett Regional Hospital Foundation was pleased to bring Ronnie Kaye, a psychotherapist, noted author and member of the UCLA School of Medicine, to Juneau to speak on "Understanding Issues and Feelings Associated with Cancer" on June 19.

Donations contributing to this project were gratefully received from Pavitt Fitness Center, Elgee Rehfeld Mertz, JRC The Alaska Club and Dr. Robert Urata.

Thanks to the effort and support of Jamie and Mary Beth Parsons and Cancer Connection. A large audience heard her speak on June 19, and small groups met with her on June 20.

The Bartlett Regional Hospital Foundation appreciates the publicity and interviews form KJNO, KINY, KTOO and the Glacier Valley Rotary. Part of the mission of the Bartlett Regional Hospital Foundation is health education, and with support of the community, the foundation will continue to facilitate such programs.

Charlotte A. Richards


Thanks for the continuing community support

It seems that I can never say enough thank yous to the Juneau community for the continuing concern and support. Those attending my recent birthday celebration reminded me that cancer does not have a chance against the strength of prayers and love I received. For so much generosity I thank Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, Resurrection Lutheran Church, Tongass Alaska Girl Scouts, the "Blizzard of Oslo" gang, Gastineau Human Services, the Association of Alaska School Boards, and PFLAG and Pride Chorus. The party was masterminded by the usual suspects: Alice Gates and Gail Ford. Because of so many open hearts and pockets I am able to continue paying off medical bills in Juneau and keep my health insurance premiums current. What a blessing, indeed. Friends traveling with me commented that they had never seen such a loving and supportive community. I could not agree more.

I look forward to the day when I will once again be part of that very community.

Kathy Buss

Portland, Ore.

Thanks, Home Depot, for the community grant

The Juneau School District would like to publicly thank Home Depot for the community grant given to Dzantik' i Heeni Middle School. The donated money will be used to enhance the Nature Trail at Dzantik' i Heeni. We appreciate Home Depot's recognition of our students and the support offered to them through this community grant.

Mary Becker

Juneau School Board


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