Put an end to parking garage boondoggle

Posted: Sunday, July 27, 2008

Toe's July 20 cartoon, which showed Juneau engineer Rorie Watt calling Juneau Parking Garage Boondoggle No. 2 (our downtown library sits atop No. 1) "half full" as opposed to "half empty," depicted very well our government's continuing denial of the disappearing demand for this $15-plus million project.

I wanted to offer one correction to the cartoon, however. Toe's drawing shows a four-story structure situated at the corner of Main Street and Egan Drive. In fact, this four-story cement behemoth will run from that corner all the way up Main Street to the current ACS building.

This is a good time of year to contemplate what this massive cement structure will mean for our downtown. The next time you walk out of the Silverbow Bakery, look over to the leafed-out hillside that extends down the right side of Main Street from the existing ACS "telephone building," and imagine the four-story cement face that City Manager Rod Swope & Co. plan to install there. The next time you're driving or walking across Front Street toward Main Street, look up at the green cliff of Telephone Hill and its wooden stairway, and imagine the four-story wall of rain-streaked cement that will replace the foliage all along that slope. Finally, take a look at the base of that hillside - at all the designated parking spaces that already sit empty.

Toe's cartoon made me laugh almost as hard as it made me cry.

Before it's too late, all who care about our downtown should sit down and e-mail the Juneau Assembly at Borough_Assembly@ci.juneau.ak.us to implore all members to exercise their lawful authority to put an immediate halt to Parking Garage Boondoggle No. 2.

Liz Dodd


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