Chickens shot in Juneau back yard

Posted: Monday, July 27, 2009

Three chickens were reportedly shot and killed with a BB gun in the back yard of a house on O'day Drive.

The incident occurred in the afternoon of July 8. Krista and Paul Bertholl called Juneau Police at 3:15 p.m. and reported that three of their six chickens were shot.

"It was random," said Krista Bertholl. "It was the middle of the day. There was nobody home for just a couple hours. And we came back home and they were laying in their run, dead."

The Bertholls had owned the chickens for about six weeks before they were shot.

"We got them for eggs and for pets," Bertholl said.

She said she was saddened by the seemingly random act of violence.

"I have a child care here and I also had to tell 10 kids that the chicks that they had watched since they were like 4 days old were dead," she said.

Bertholl said the police investigated and interviewed neighbors.

"We don't think it was neighbors," she said. "Kinda thinking it was just some kid with a pellet gun or something going through the greenbelt behind us but we don't really know."

The Bertholls have since replaced the chicks that died, but the incident made them more wary of gun safety and random acts of violence.

"Parents (who) know that their kids have pellet guns or BB guns - be aware of what they're doing with them and get them some gun safety or something, cause there's little kids' bikes back here and obviously this is a place where a lot of kids play," Bertholl said. "And to come in to somebody's yard and shoot chickens that were in a pen ... they shouldn't be having a gun."

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