Divide and conquer

Posted: Monday, July 28, 2003

A powerful letter by Mr. Howard (on elders/pigeons) painting a very sad picture. But the segue was missing; there should have been a bit more to the story.

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Honor for elders

It is the inherent responsibility of the citizens to protect the elderly just as it is the responsibility of the children to aid their parents in time of need. The blame doesn't fall on the elders - they did their part - they survived and handed the rest of us a state. The thread of the Alaska family was broken when the collective citizenry didn't rise up and require that the contract of decades be honored.

I think it was just a test case anyway to see if there is really any backbone left in Alaska. Start off with the old and the sick, move on to the rural, the poor, and the weak. Cow the fawning Legislature. Put fear in the state work force. Then move on to the next class - every time one group is made impotent, the one above it falls into place as the weakest. Pretty soon the middle class is quiet and subservient through economic fear. Divide and conquer works so well. Everybody just do what you are told - the Republican version of "family values" knows what is best for you. Just patiently wait your turn.

Christopher Wright





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