Less is more

Posted: Monday, July 28, 2003

I salute the selfless, generous administrators and educators who put their students ahead of their paychecks. Having the pleasure to work with some in the past 33 years, I take issue with Mr. Rich Kronberg's attitude displayed in his My Turn titled "Declining teacher pay hurts student achievement."

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My Turn: Declining teacher pay hurts student achievement

Student achievement or personal bank accounts? It's past time the liberal teachers' union checks its "gimme-gimme" whining and complaining at the classroom door. Surely, one doesn't have to look too deeply to witness its true motivation. If the original union's monopolistic mission ever proved successful, which the recent Alaska Benchmark and High School Graduation Qualifying Exam results disprove once again, Alaska, and indeed America, wouldn't need to connect the words "education" and "reform" in the same breath.

Teaching is a ministry, a noble calling. Kudos to the remaining altruistic government school personnel, to the competing free-market private learning centers, religious-freedom church schools, neighborhood and village educational co-ops and parents who teach their own children at home for less, little or noremuneration. They are proof that less is more. I hope and pray my narcissistic colleagues reconsider their priorities. Students need to learn that love, sacrificial service and strong, moral character and commitment, not more personal income, lead to meaningful and worthwhile lives. Lasting knowledge and happiness depend more on what we give than on what we get.

Rory Schneeberger





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