No income tax

Posted: Monday, July 28, 2003

The recent announcements by the Alaska Municipal League and the Alaska Conference of Mayors of their "overwhelming support for a state income tax" come as no surprise to many of us. These are the same bureaucrats and elected officials who refuse to make the tough and challenging decisions to cut the cost of government.

These officials claim to represent the public interests or is it the special interests? How often do they consult with taxpayers before going off to their conferences and junkets at public expense?

When Boeing and other major companies lay off 10,000 or 20,000 workers, it is quickly recognized as part of doing business in the free enterprise system. When government even meekly considers laying off 10 or 20 administrators, one might think the world is coming to the end.

This is a good time to shout a firm "NO" to these self-proclaimed public interest groups and their "overwhelming" support for more taxes. It is time for the mayors and public bureaucrats to come home and start making budget cuts that taxpayers demand. It is also time to support the governor on this matter; it will not be an easy task to keep Alaska an income tax-free state.

Robert D. Warner


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