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Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Just today I read in the Internet editions of the Empire and Anchorage Daily News that Gov. Frank Murkowski had signed the bill for a provisional driving license for teenage drivers. I also note that the bill was sponsored by Juneau's Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch.

I think this bill is very commendable; it is a darn good idea that is overdue and welcome.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has long been in favor of graduated, step-wise driving licenses for young people, and has promoted them nationwide.

My wife and I have grandchildren living in Alaska, and many young friends approaching driving age. We are of course very happy for them to reach this milestone and be licensed to drive, but we think the provisional licensing plan will be very beneficial.

I was pleased that Rep. Weyhrauch is the sponsor of this bill. I have known him and his family a long time, as I was their pediatrician in Juneau before my retirement. I had formed a very high and positive opinion of him even before he was in public office; I would certainly have voted for him - and been a supporter - had I been living there at the time of his campaign.

It is great to know that he is there representing Juneau very well in the Legislature, and that he shows a very genuine interest in children's welfare.

Kenneth W. Moss, M.D.

Great Falls, Mont.

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