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Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Less than one year ago I was in Baghdad, Iraq, fighting in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

It was hard to fight and be away from our loved ones, but we did it because our nation asked us to. I may have not agreed with everything George W. required us to do, but we did it because we believe that in order to be effective in the war we need all our troops to do what is needed of them and to know that it is ultimately helping our country win this war against terrorism.

To come back to the states and read articles like (Mary Noble's) was very dangerous, not just to our country in terms of supporters of the war, but also dangerous for troops to read these articles knowing that we lay our lives down for our country and that same country has people in it that weaken our country's morale and eventually the troops' morale.

People that serve their country do it in ways not described in the "Won't come home until Bush is out of office" article, because serving our country is something that can be described as a humanitarian aid, military service, or the last one that is often overlooked, supporting our troops in military operations overseas or even thanking a soldier for his or her service when you run into one in a local grocery store.

I see Americans with flags on their cars, on their windows. I see true Americans proud of their men, women, their husbands, wives, their sons and daughters fighting for the people either that can't or won't. They're fighting to stop terrorism from reaching the shores of the United States and causing another horrific terrorist act.

These troops need the support of American citizens to help them fight a cause so different from any other war the United States has ever been involved in. I for one get a sense of pride when I see a civilian with a flag on their car, their house - wherever they put these emblems of patriotism - show me, a U.S. infantryman formerly with the 3rd Infantry Division, that people care about keeping its men and women motivated.

So when you write articles like this one, you may ultimately be destroying the morale of a soldier overseas in the streets of Baghdad or in the mountains of Afghanistan. To run out on your country that is in need of citizens to support the troops OIF and OEF is a cowardly act. The next time you write an article like this one, stop and think about that soldier, marine, airman and sailor overseas risking their lives so you can lie in bed at night knowing that you and your family are safe because of these patriots.

David Duncan, Spc.


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