Teach students how to think, decide

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, July 28, 2005

Should we teach creationism in our schools? I did not know what to think about the whole evolution vs. creationism until college, when I had a biology teacher who was a very good teacher and taught everything he knew about evolution to us. Later, I found out he himself believed in creationism. That always bothered me as a student. Later, I did my own research and through experiences made a decision to believe the reason why I am here is due to creationism.

Should we allow creationism to be taught in our public schools? I am a mother of two and a very firm believer in teaching my kids not what to think, but how to think. I feel we are doing our kids an injustice by teaching them one theory and leaving it at that. As much as many people want to believe, evolutionists still do not have all the answers. They have faith in what they believe in and so do creationists.

As for my kids, I still have not decided whether we will send them to public school due to this main reason. I want my kids to have a rounded education, not what one group of people have decided is true. When they graduate from high school, I want them to be able to make good decisions and know how not what to think.

April Hotchkiss


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