Benefits for some, but others must pay

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, July 28, 2005

Residents of Hawaii would like to know why Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Ted Stevens of Alaska have co-sponsored a bill that goes against the wishes of the people of Hawaii. S147, the Akaka Bill, would create out of thin air 400,000 members of a new Hawaiian Indian tribe called the Akaka tribe. Sens. Murkowski and Stevens are two of eight co-sponsors of this race-based legislation that will divide the residents of Hawaii into two distinct groups, those with Native Hawaiian blood (only one drop required) and the rest of us who will have to pay the bills of these 400,000 new Indians who demand return of lands, money and programs for them and their relatives. Nothing will prevent residents of Hawaiian ancestry living in Alaska to create racial enclaves there.

Apparently, since the Alaska senators do not have to live with the consequences of their actions, they can do what they like regardless of the impact on people who cannot vote for or against them. The people of Hawaii in recent polls are more than 2-to-1 opposed to the bill even though our elected politicians tell us it is in our best interests but refuse to grant us a referendum to make our wishes known.

Native Hawaiians are not like American Indians or Native Alaskans, but they want the same benefits and ability to legalize gambling in our Aloha state. The Akaka Bill co-sponsored by the Alaskan senators will divide our wonderful Aloha state forever into two opposing groups. Please don't let them do this to us. Please call your senators and tell them to stop supporting S147, the Akaka Bill. It will turn Hawaii into a state where if you have the right ancestry you get benefits, and if you don't, you pay for the others.

Earl Arakaki

Ewa Beach, Hawaii

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