Radio news director resigns amid personal blog controversy

Posted: Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DILLINGHAM - The news director at a southwest Alaska radio station has resigned amid an uproar over items posted on her personal blog.

Eileen Goode, news director at KDLG radio in Dillingham, quit Monday, three days after posting a blog item in which she apologized for the tone of her comments about alcoholism and incest, but not for what she said.

"A lot of people in Dillingham are angry with me today because they have taken from my blog that I hate this place and I look down on the people here," she wrote on her blog,

"Neither thing is true, and I think actually the blog says as much many times throughout, but then I don't think all that many people took the time to read the whole thing."

The comments that offended were made several months ago, but most in town only learned of them when an anonymous e-mail reached a list of people last week.

Rob Carpenter, the public station's general manager who confirmed Goode's resignation on Monday, said he, too, only learned of the statements last week.

"Her views are hers personally and do not reflect the station's views," he told The Dutch Harbor Fisherman.

In a blog entry posted in early December, Goode said she had recently wished that someone would die tragically so she could have something to cover during a slow news week. Then something bad happened, she wrote, "because I have superpowers."

Just before Thanksgiving, a 21-year-old girl froze to death on the tundra. Goode wrote that Dillingham residents, though many are related, aren't "particularly inclined to watch out for the safety of their very intoxicated friends" and bad things result.

"I can think of something that is sort of unpopular to note," she added, "which is though what happened is sad, I wish locally people would stop calling it a tragedy. A tragedy is when fate intervenes to rob the world of someone in such a way that no one could have predicted or prevented."

In an e-mail to Alaska Newspapers Inc., Shannon Swift of Clark's Point, a village near Dillingham, said Goode's words were "horrible."

"She holds a position which influences public opinion and should not be allowed to keep her job if she cannot keep her ugly stereotypes and biases to herself," Swift wrote.

Carpenter said the station received about two dozen calls of the matter, most seeking Goode's dismissal. Goode had been with the station, owned and operated by the Dillingham City School District, for about two years.

Until Friday's apology, Goode hadn't posted on the blog since January.

"I am sorry if my tone offends, that is just my writing style, and...while I do like comedy based on exaggeration it is not to everyone's taste and perhaps I should have thought more carefully about my very serious job before writing some less than serious postings."

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