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Posted: Monday, July 29, 2002

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Knowles names 5 to Board of Game

Gov. Knowles is to be commended for appointing five well-seasoned and reasonable individuals to the seven-member Board of Game. This unusual number of appointments is the result of the partisan politics debacle last legislative session when the majority secretly decided not to vote on confirmation of five other individuals (including me) appointed over the previous year.

The new appointments bring diverse regional and biological experience to the board; essential qualifications for deciding what is good conservation for Alaska's game resources and fair allocation between all users. While many Board of Game decisions deal with allocation, which is inherently political, the basis for these decisions should never be lowered to the petty partisan standards that the Legislature seems to now favor.

The new appointments give the board the credibility and quorum it needs to conduct important business at its fall meeting. Whether these individuals will continue depends on the next governor. Whoever that is, it will be hard to come up with any nonpartisan reason for making immediate changes. The Board of Game desperately needs stability and it would be better to wait until terms expire (two are up in March) before making new appointments.

Since the Legislature decided to make board appointments a gubernatorial election issue, it would be good to hear what the candidates have to say about these appointments. What do you think candidates?

George Matz


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