Still my hero

Posted: Tuesday, July 29, 2003

In regards to the July 15 story about the Juneau Children's Home "reunion," I feel that I must correct the impression created in the story.

In my attempt to explain to your reporter why my siblings and I, as well as hundreds of other kids spent time at the home over the years, I related both my experiences and those of others, as well as my perspective as a child, and later as a staff member.

I called the reporter when the story came out, and even though she swears by the accuracy of her note-taking, some of the other youths' experiences were listed as if they were mine. I'm sure this was an honest mistake.

My biggest concern however, is that the resulting story made it look as if my father somehow neglected us and we ended up in the home as a result. This couldn't be further from the truth. Our three-month stay at the home in 1958 was due to a temporary housing problem. (Our second stay in 1960 came during a period when someone else had custody and had nothing to do with our father.)

I want to make it clear that my father cared for me most of the last 10 years of my childhood and provided me with a home and all the necessities. He did this during a time when it was very uncommon for fathers to have custody of their children.

Considering the circumstances of him being a working, single parent, I have nothing but praise for the way he raised me and I have never doubted his love.

He was my hero then, and still is.

Dave Dapcevich


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