Our captain

Posted: Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Gov. Frank Murkowski inherited a huge fiscal gap from his predecessors and many Alaskans are forgetting that our economy was already shaky and gloomy before he took command. A responsible leader does not continue to spend, spend, spend when faced with financial instability.

Gov. Murkowski as our captain is trying to save us from sinking and we all need to understand that he was handed a budget in the red and that the cuts he is making are necessary to keep our government afloat.

For too long, Alaskans have enjoyed boasting that we pay no taxes and that we have annual dividend fund checks just for living here. Everybody pays his or her way and it is high time we pay our way.

This year our Juneau legislators chose to vote for no sales tax, which would have alleviated our fiscal situation. Perhaps they were more worried being re-elected than helping solve our economic plight.

Do we want to end up like California, which currently is $38 billion in debt? Gov. Murkowski is doing the best with what is facing us, keeping us afloat and is steering us to safety.

Phillip Clary


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