Enforce traffic laws

Posted: Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I read that the Juneau Assembly recently raised the traffic fines levied upon speeders, jaywalkers and reprobates who have the audacity to drive down South Franklin Street while cruise line customers are using it as a pedestrian mall. If our elected officials are that interested in revenue enhancement, there's a gold mine awaiting them right out on Egan Drive. All it would require is enforcement of CBJ Code 72.02.050 and the parallel state regulation that requires drivers to do what the big signs up and down the road spell out in simple black and white terms: KEEP RIGHT if they are SLOWER TRAFFIC.

If some of the folks who apparently believe that, no matter how many cars pass them in the slow lane, they are entitled to coast languidly along at 52 mph in the left lane (usually pacing the minivan right next to them for miles on end) were actually cited for this illegal and unsafe behavior, perhaps it would have the unintended benefit of reducing the number of road-rage-fueled incidents the JPD must respond to on our bustling thoroughfare, thus freeing our officers to write more tickets for jaywalking and other serious offenses.

Heather Gardner


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