Return the bike

Posted: Tuesday, July 29, 2003

You know who you are. You took my son's white DK Cincinnati BMX bicycle from our carport at the Parkshore Condos on Saturday.

My son worked all last summer to buy the bicycle. It is one of a kind. There are skate boarding and bike stickers all over the frame. There is not another one like it in Juneau. Everything on it was custom. The theft has been reported to the Juneau Police Department.

Do you want to be looking over your shoulder every time you ride it? If my son or I or any of our friends see you riding it, we will follow you and call the police for assistance. We both carry cell phones and will be able to call the police immediately. Please save us and yourself the embarrassment, and bring the bicycle back. Just park it in the carport where you took it from.

To any parents who might read this whose son or daughter is riding a bicycle that you did not buy for your son or daughter, please prevail on you child to do the right thing and return the bicycle. I do not have the money to buy my son another bicycle. If you are committed to character building, call me, and make your son or daughter own up to the theft and return the bicycle.

Edith McHenry


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