Taylor rude to public

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Posted: Thursday, July 29, 2004

I attended the public meeting last night regarding the Kensington gold mine and was pleased to see that most of Juneau's residents were courteous and civil towards one another. An issue as divisive as this mine project could have led more people to be nasty and rude. However, there was one exception to the civil discourse.

Robin Taylor was outlandishly disrespectful to those people who have the right to voice their opinion about the environmental effects of the Kensington gold mine. He kept railing on the fact that "Old Juneau" wants the mine and therefore it should be permitted. He also insulted those people who aren't members of the "Old Juneau" club. Mr. Taylor's discourse also implied that "Outsider's" aren't welcome to participate in this "local" issue.

The Kensington Gold Project is going through federal, state, and local permitting processes, and is on federal land. I think that means that all citizens of the United States, no matter their tenure in Juneau, have the right to participate in the project review. Mr. Taylor, maybe I don't know "squat" but what I do know is that you have no right to criticize citizens of Juneau for voicing their opinion in a free and open meeting. I also know that "Young Juneau" has a voice and some of us don't want industry to be able to slide past 30 years of environmental law so that we can have more jobs for people not from Juneau.

I grew up in Juneau and am concerned about the future of Juneau. I encourage people to express their opinions about Juneau and the mine. Build the mine where it was permitted previously, on the Lynn Canal side.

Clancy DeSmet


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