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Posted: Thursday, July 29, 2004

I've been following the letters about the new Valley high school pretty closely. The majority of those writing in are parents of soon-to-be high-schoolers or parents of JDHS graduates.

In my opinion, the student body at JDHS should know best. I agree with Ariel Rolfe's letter completely. I went through the entire before, during and after processes of renovation at the high school. The newly remodeled JDHS is not only beautiful but efficient as well. But still, the public thinks that we need more.

Well, we don't. Last year there were even empty classrooms on the first floor of JDHS. How does that tell you that we need a whole new high school?

We should use what we have. I think the proposed renovation for Marie Drake is a great idea. But I don't understand why they need to build a $20 million dollar parking garage/sports field. Every day that I went to school last year more than half of the teachers' parking lot was empty. The majority of cars filling it were students'. Student's at JDHS know that if they choose to drive to school they have to deal with bad parking conditions. We've all had to deal with it. There are places to park, you just have to walk farther, get up earlier to get the ones you want, or deal with getting a ticket for parking in an empty parking lot that's labeled as "Teacher Parking Only."

I feel that we're going way overboard with every proposed building or renovation. Remodel Marie Drake to allow students to learn there in a proper environment. Don't spend millions on parking garages when there's empty lots all over the place. Don't build a new high school when it's not needed. The majority of students would say that we have more than enough room, and even room to grow, in our new learning environment. Take it from someone with firsthand experience, a student who's been there.

Jaimie Kennedy

JDHS Class of 2004


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