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Posted: Friday, July 29, 2005

The Juneau Public Libraries are adding to the magazine collections at each branch. Not all of the new subscriptions have arrived yet, but keep an eye out for them: They should all be on the shelves soon.

Our branches share some titles, but largely have unique collections. So if you don't see what you're looking for on the magazine display shelf, it may be at another library. Remember, the newest issue of any magazine cannot be checked out, but all the older issues can be.

"Aperture," which is devoted to fine-art photography, will be arriving soon at the downtown branch. We've got other photography magazines already in the Juneau Public Libraries - "Popular Photography" (downtown), "Digital Photo" (downtown), "Outdoor Photographer" (Douglas), and "Petersen's Photographic" (Valley) - but nothing else quite like this.

"Good Old Boat" starts from the premise that not all sailors own - or want to own - a brand-new sailboat. This valuable resource for those who love their older boats is at the downtown library. Other boating magazines available through the public library are: "Boat Builder" (Douglas), "Boating World" (Valley), "Canoe and Kayak" (Valley), "Cruising World" (Juneau), "Maritime Life" (Valley), "Ocean Navigator" (Valley), "Powerboat Reports" (Valley), "Sea Kayaker" (Juneau and Douglas) and "Woodenboat" (Douglas and Valley).

"Fast Company" will be arriving soon at the downtown library for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to know more about starting up businesses, using the Internet effectively and balancing work and life. Other business magazines you'll find at the library include: "Alaska Business Monthly" (Juneau and Valley), "Alaska Economic Trends" (Juneau and Valley), "Business Week" (Juneau and Valley), "Entrepreneur" (Juneau), "Forbes" (Juneau and Valley), "Home Business Monthly" (Valley) and "Fortune" (Juneau).

"Belle Armoire," which will be on the downtown library shelves soon, is full of wearable fine-arts projects. For anyone who wants to create his or her own one-of-a-kind wardrobe or very special gift, this is the magazine to pick up. Similar magazines we own include: "Beadwork" (Valley), "Fiberarts" (Juneau and Valley), "Interweave Knits" (Juneau), "Piecework" (Juneau), and "Threads" (Juneau and Valley).

"Sight and Sound" is a British magazine of film reviews, interviews, and film history that is coming soon to the downtown library. Another magazine you might enjoy while you're waiting for it to arrive is "Premiere" (Valley).

"Alpinist" goes into the rarified heights of the mountains, describing dream routes around the world and interviewing the international stars of climbing. It will be on the shelves at the Valley library soon. Others you might enjoy are: "Backpacker" (Douglas and Juneau), "Climbing" (Douglas), "Outside" (Juneau, Valley, and Douglas) and "Rock and Ice" (Juneau).

"Venus" is an indie magazine for the young, hip woman who wants to keep tabs on what's happening in the worlds of literature, fashion, art, and music. There's nothing quite like it in the library collection - but, perhaps, "Bust" (Valley) comes close. This is on the shelf at the Valley library.

"Shop Etc." is part of a new trend in magazines - a clever blending of article and advertisement that will either thrill you or set your teeth on edge. All the new must-haves are here: clothing, household accessories, and more, all with company names, Web sites, and phone numbers to help you get together with your merchandise. Another unique offering at the library, this is available at the Douglas branch.

"Seed" magazine's subtitle is "science is culture," and it does a great job of investigating things like global warming, evolution, and chaos theory, and reminds me of "Omni" magazine in its heyday. It will be at the Douglas library. Similar magazines include: "Wired" (Juneau) and "Scientific American" (Juneau and Valley).

"Intermezzo" and "Cook's Country" are two new cooking magazines that are on the shelves at the Douglas library. "Intermezzo" is all about fine cooking, dining, and travel, while "Cook's Country" (from the same publisher as "Cook's Illustrated") has more down-home recipes and lots of color pictures. Other cooking magazines include: "Bon Appetit" (Valley), "Cooking Light" (Douglas and Juneau), "Cook's Illustrated" (Juneau and Valley), "Cucina Italiana" (Juneau), "Fine Cooking" (Valley), "Food and Wine" (Douglas), "Gourmet" (Juneau) and "Saveur" (Douglas).

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