Hypocrisy in Juneau

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, July 29, 2005

Tim Whiting's My Turn (Seniors get a break on the back of youth, July 27) was right on! Mr. Whiting's essential point about the regressive local taxes highlights, in my view, the strange hypocrisy growing in this community.

Juneau is traditionally considered a liberal or progressive town. We vote consistently Democratic, especially in the downtown and Douglas area. Yet it seems it is exactly these proud liberals (for example, you recognize them from the predictable drum-beating about freedom of speech in the Fourth of July parade) who consistently support regressive sales taxes. Taxes which, in essence, hit the low income the hardest, who typically spend more, invest less and live paycheck to paycheck.

I am good friends with many of these left-leaning marchers from the baby boom generation. Unfortunately, we don't yet have a "Great Society." What will pragmatically make us a better one, though, is to remember what got you started, what led you to Alaska, and what opportunities were available to you at that time. So many things had to come together to make that happen. One of them is financial flexibility.

Ishmael C. Hope


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