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Posted: Friday, July 29, 2005

This letter is about the Empire's July 26 front-page story, "Alaska Dems get $100,000 boost." Let's begin by correcting your published error: I did not say I "was worried about the Democrats' boost in staffing." I said, "I was not worried about the Democrats' boost in staffing."

In its 2004 Federal Election Commission reports, the Alaska Democrat Party acknowledged National Democrat Party contributions of $3,472,655. On Election Day in 2004, however, our newly registered Republicans cast 2,100 more votes than newly registered Democrats. Hence my observation, "The question is, is it measurable?"

Even with a $3.4 million injection of DNC cash, Alaska Democrats failed to generate a measurable impact on the 2004 election.

Now, let's explore Democrat Chairman Metcalfe's comments: "This is the first time Alaska Democrats have received national funds for staff in a non-election year," followed by, "adding that the amount was triple what the state party got before."

Well, which is it? The "first time ever" or "triple" (their previous national contribution) which according to published reports was not zero?

In their 2003 FEC report, Alaska Democrats acknowledged receiving National Democrat Party contributions of $98,146. That amount isn't too far off the $100,000 they just reported receiving in 2005.

The $100,000 is not a first-time contribution nor is the amount triple their previous off-year DNC contribution. Since neither claim is real, then this was not a news story and the Alaska Republican Party is still not worried nor threatened by more outside Democrat dollars.

Randy Ruedrich


Alaska Republican Party


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