Respect the land: don't mine

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, July 29, 2005

Respecting the place we live on is ultimately respecting ourselves since it is the land that sustains us, after all.

Alaska, the Great Land, has been revered by all for its pristine environment, abundance of resources, and wildness. What worries me is that little by little we who live here are allowing our home to be disgraced by human greed

Corporations like Coeur Alaska are groups of humans making decisions based on financial solidity. Albeit their reports promise low impact to the land, we who live here must question claims that are not based on a true relationship to the land. A short-term commercial project like the Kensington mine would provide jobs and profits for some people for a limited period of time.

But is it worth it? No, not at the expense of degrading our air and water quality. Not at the expense of degrading wildlife habitat. Not at the expense of degrading the topography of Berners Bay. Rather than abandoning yet another piece of wildness, let's protect it, for it is in the wilderness where we recover a sense of hope and tranquility that we can continue to live in a place of beauty with clean air and water and plenty of resources to provide for our needs.

Respecting our home today prevents it from becoming a mere memory tomorrow. Let's safeguard Berners Bay from the inescapable ill effects of mining by denying Coeur Alaska their proposed project.

Pamela Garcia


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