Fluoride campaign should stick to facts instead of razing Kane

Posted: Sunday, July 29, 2007

Recently, an Anchorage public relations firm has been calling Juneau residents with a survey about water fluoridation. The survey included questions not only about fluoridation but about people's opinions about the local alternative medical community, including a specific question about Dr. Emily Kane. I find this disturbing. The debate about fluoridation should be about the facts, not about trying to discredit someone who disagrees with your position.

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Kane is a respected member of our community. She recently spent two years of her time in the rather thankless capacity of serving on the mayor's fluoride commission, in which she was a forceful advocate for ending fluoridation. The meticulousness and credibility of her research is evident to anyone who takes the time to read the commission's report.

The innuendo implicit in this survey's questions has no place in our local campaign. If someone calls you asking about Kane, tell them to please stick to the facts.

David Ottoson


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