Alaska's bridge and roads to nowhere a scam on taxpayers

Posted: Sunday, July 29, 2007

The state of Alaska and Ketchikan are making the $215 million bridge to nowhere a top priority for funding and construction, defying the wishes of the American taxpayers and efforts in Congress to end earmark pet projects.

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Rep. Don Young and Sen. Ted Stevens gave the state of Alaska $400 million to do whatever it wants with our tax dollars. The state of Alaska and Ketchikan Gateway Borough are trying to sneak the proposed bridge project in the back door by constructing a 3.4-mile road on Gravina that is costing taxpayers $25.7 million, or $8 million per mile of dirt road for only a few private property owners on Gravina Island.

Kiewit Pacific Co., a major campaign contributor to former Gov. Frank Murkowski, is constructing the "road to nowhere." Murkowski owns property on Gravina Island near where the road is being constructed. Any one seeing a picture developing here besides me?

Thus, there is pressure to force the American taxpayer to build a boondoggle bridge to nowhere for a few rich people to drive to their properties. What a scam on taxpayers and the American people. Stop funding these worthless projects in Ketchikan.

Don Hoff Jr.

Past vice mayor and Ketchikan City Council member

Hixson, Tenn.

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