Chilkoot Timeline

Posted: Sunday, July 29, 2007

1874: George Holt is considered the first white person to have crossed the Chilkoot Trail.

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1879: Three prospectors trying to cross the Chilkoot turned back by local Tlingits.

1882: Arthur Krause crossed in May and became the first known traveler to write about the Chilkoot Trail.

1883: Lt. Frederick Schwatka, U.S. Army, and six men in a scouting party cross Chilkoot Pass.

July 17, 1897: Newspaper stories detail tons of gold arrive from the Yukon and the stampede is on.

1897: A tent city, 10,000 people live at Sheep Camp 12 miles up river from Dyea.

February 1898: Phone service is set up along the Chilkoot trail from Dyea to Sheep Camp to the Summit and on to Bennett.

November 1898: Canadian Northwest Mounted Police begin to require one ton of supplies per person going over the Chilkoot Pass.

April 3, 1898: An avalanche rips down the Chilkoot Trail above Sheep Camp, killing at least 65 stampeders.

July 6, 1899: first load of passengers arrives in Bennett via the newly completed White Pass & Yukon Rail Road. The new rail service effectively killed the Chilkoot Trail.

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