How about showing 'liberal' tolerance, and respect others' views?

Posted: Monday, July 30, 2007

A 30-year Alaskan, I am presently living out of state but enjoying the Juneau Empire. Juneau has always been a "liberal" town, but some of the letters to the editor I read are outlandish, including one ("Conservative cruisers to meet a Juneau welcoming party," July 24) that in veiled terms asks others to join the author in an "unwelcome to Juneau" group to meet a tour ship with a conservative assembly arriving. I wonder how this guy and his liberal friends would feel if some "moral" people wanted to "unwelcome" a ship full of homosexuals or a liberal group. He, like most liberals, would be outraged.

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I lived in Juneau for many years, and some of my best friends and co-workers were liberals. We respected each others' rights to our own views.

Talk about intolerance and being hateful, which most liberals there seem to accuse conservatives of. This hard-core liberal bunch who keep writing letters seem to be the worst in that respect.

As an old Juneauite, I hope the capital stays in Juneau. I even resent the special session the Legislature had in Anchorage. However, I do see that such attitudes are what cause some Alaskans to want to move the capital away from such a hostile environment.

Liberals want free speech and rights respected - but only for those who have the same thoughts and agenda as them. Such name-calling of the speakers and cutting-down of conservatives is hateful and uncalled for. What ever happened to the "live-and-let-live" environment that Juneau once had?

G.J. Tennison

Mountain Home, Ark.

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