JDHS grad publishes children's series

'Haunted' goes on sale Aug. 4 with a third book out in October

Posted: Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chris Eboch is getting spooked. The 1987 graduate of Juneau-Douglas High School has become a successful novelist for young people.

Courtesy of Chris Eboch
Courtesy of Chris Eboch

Her upcoming series, "Haunted," is about a brother and sister who travel with their parents' ghost hunter TV show. In each book, the TV show researches a new ghost at a new location. The kids try to help the ghosts, while keeping their activities secret from meddling grownups.

"I try to blend spooky action, humor, complex character development, and the occasional exploration of tough issues," Eboch said. "Most of all, I want these to be fun and exciting, especially for boys who may be reluctant readers."

The series, for ages 8-12, goes on sale Tuesday, August 4 with two books, "The Ghost on the Stairs" and "The Phantom Pilot." A third book, "The Knight in the Shadows," will follow in October.

"The Ghost on the Stairs" is set at a Colorado hotel haunted by a ghost bride from the 1880s who is waiting for her missing husband to return. "The Phantom Pilot" is all about a steamboat pilot still trying to prevent a long-ago disaster. And finally, "The Knight in the Shadows" features a Renaissance French squire protecting a sword on display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Eboch said of Juneau, "When the weather's nice, there's no place more beautiful on earth."

After graduating from JDHS, Eboch went to the Rhode Island School of Design where she received a bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. Eboch then went on to get her master's degree in Professional Writing and Publishing from Emerson College in Boston.

"I hope readers will enjoy the books as much as I do," Eboch said.

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