'Snowflake Rebellion' weaves web of local Alaska

Author to sign book copies at Hearthside

Posted: Thursday, July 30, 2009

Anchorage author Tom Brennan will be in Juneau Saturday to sign copies of his new book, "Snowflake Rebellion."

Dave Harbour/ Northern Gas Pipelines
Dave Harbour/ Northern Gas Pipelines

The book, released in April, follows what would happen if Alaska broke with the union. The hero, Colin Callihan, is a PR officer at an oil company and the villians are members of the enviromental lobby and federal government.

Brennan revealed the source of inspiration for the novel at a May 15 meeting of the Alaska Support Industry Alliance, recorded by friend Dave Harbour of Northern Gas Pipelines, who was present at the meeting.

At a 1993 Alliance meeting where Sen. Ted Stevens was speaking about the difficulties of getting Congress and the Federal Administration to approve ANWR exploration and development.

"The fellow across the table from Brennan said, 'Why don't we just tell the bastards to go to hell?'" Harbour said. "Brennan said from that moment on, he didn't hear another word Senator Stevens said. His mind became fixed on the question, 'What if we really did tell the FEDS to go to....?'"

Brennan worked as a reporter for the Anchorage Daily Times and as a columnist and editor for the Voice of the Times. He brings that knowledge of Alaska and the state's people into play in his new book.

In a review for the Capital City Weekly, Bob Tkacz said, "Brennan's been here long enough to have a reporter's wealth of local detail that he weaves through the book with whimsy and a poetic license as big as Alaska. Hundreds of us will probably recognize ourselves as characters in the book."

Tkacz only complaint was that the book was so short, he wished it had been twice as long, allowing Brennan to "really put some moose meat into a great plot."

The book is 288 pages and was published in April by Artic Tern Books.

Brennan has previously published three works of non-fiction: "Murder at 40 Below," "Cold Crime" and "Moose Droppings & Other Crimes of Nature".

The booksigning will take place at Hearthside Books & Toys in the Nugget Mall from 1 to 3 p.m. If you are unable to attend the booksigning, Hearthside encourages you to place a pre-paid order and reserve and autographed copy.

"Snowflake Rebellion" retails for $14.95 and can be found at both the downtown and Nugget Mall Hearthside Books locations.

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