Miller parrots talking points to earn endorsements

Posted: Friday, July 30, 2010

Joe Miller, fast-talking slick lawyer, memorized the conservative talking points that popular talk show host Mark Levin promotes every night. Miller rattled them off to Levin and convinced Levin to endorse him for the U.S. Senate.

Then Miller, the loose-with-the-truth fast talker "dumped" on his opponent Lisa Murkowski and told whopper after whopper. I'll discuss one of them here and leave it to a "truth squad" to follow up and expose him on others he recited last Friday.

He out and out lied when he told Mark Levin that "she (Lisa) is facing her first real test" in this election. He purposely omitted four other elections which Lisa has won decisively, including two victorious runs for the Alaska Legislature, a 2004 win over her primary opponent and a very decisive win in the 2004 general election against a popular two-term Democratic governor of Alaska.

Lisa's primary opponent that year came from a prominent political family. He had served 18 years in the Legislature, including two years as Senate President. Her general election opponent's name was recognizable statewide after he served for six years as the mayor of Anchorage and eight as our governor.

Lisa faced and defeated two strong, credible, well-respected candidates who, by the way, did not tell whoppers and campaigned respectfully and professionally.

Kathleen "Mike" Dalton


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