Juneau knows better

Posted: Friday, July 30, 2010

Editor's note: this letter is in response to an article titled "US Chamber official warns of overreaction to BP's Gulf spill" that appeared in the Empire on July 21.

As an environmental activist, I was overcome with dismay upon reading the article "US Chamber official warns of overreaction to BP's Gulf Spill."

As this view is expected to be held by some, I was shocked to see Alaska's capital city promoting such blasphemous and damaging information to its readers; whom I'm sure know better.

No, Karen Harbert, no Lisa Murkowski, Alaska will not be further disposed as a wasteland for dirty fossil fuels. Juneau is a splendidly engaged and quite progressive community, and as a traveler from coastal North Carolina, I'm deeply saddened to have read this upon the pages of a paper which I have picked up so many times before.

To use the statistic that 70 percent of Americans support "off and on shore drilling" is unethical, given the immense differences in environmental effects, implications, and reserves. To use such misleading numbers is have a potentially inaccurate sway on the ever-so-impressionable minds of the average American at the coffee table.

Please, for the sake of just media and truly informed citizens, stand for what is true, especially in the political (and related) perspectives, as it is more often than not what is ethically admirable.

Darlene Azarmi

Wilmington, NC

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