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Posted: Friday, July 30, 2010

Harvest/Effort Statistics for the Juneau area: July 26

Last week, it took a little longer than average to harvest a coho, taking 10-rod hours per fish. Last year it took 5-rod hours and the 5-year average was at 4-rod hours. Anglers had luck at a variety of locations with the hot spots being North and South Shelter, Point Retreat and Funter Bay.

Harvest rates for halibut are average for Juneau this time of year, taking 5-rod hours to harvest a halibut last week. The year prior it took 5-rod hours and the 5-year average was at 4-rod hours per halibut. Again, anglers had good luck at a variety of locations with the hot spots for halibut being Benjamin Island, North Shelter, Lynn Sisters, Point Sophia and the Breadline.

The 2010 sport fishing regulations for king salmon in Southeast and Yakutat are currently in effect and are as follows:

• Alaska residents: bag and possession limit of two king salmon 28 inches or greater in length; no annual limit.

• Nonresident: bag and possession limit of one king salmon 28 inches or greater in length with an annual limit of three king salmon 28 inches or greater in length.

The hatchery terminal harvest area near Juneau has been liberalized, to provide additional opportunity to harvest hatchery king salmon. The new regulation will be in effect in the Juneau THA from Tuesday, June 1 through Tuesday, Aug. 31. Within the boundaries of the THA:

• The daily bag and possession limit is four king salmon of any size.

• King salmon harvested by nonresidents in the designated saltwater area and time period do not count towards their annual limit.

Anglers who catch king salmon within the THA may not continue to fish outside of the THA if they possess king salmon that do not comply with the regulations for that outside area.

Please check online or call the sport fish office for the full king salmon regulation, in addition to the most current lingcod and rockfish news releases.

The state Department of Fish and Game reminds anglers that sport caught king and coho salmon, lingcod or non-pelagic rockfish may not fillet, mutilate or de-head these fish until the fish have been offloaded, unless they have been consumed or preserved onboard. Gutting and gilling is allowed. Once offloaded at port, you may head and/or fillet your catch. This restriction allows our creel survey crew at the docks to check for coded-wire-tags and collect biological information. Please check the new release for communities and designated time frames in which the restriction applies.

Please consult your sport fishing regulation booklet for further specifics on regulations and fisheries in the Juneau area. A complete list of news releases can be found on the State of Alaska Sport Fish web site:

• For further information concerning sport fishing opportunities, current regulations and news releases in the Juneau area, please call the Division of Sport Fish at (907) 465-4270. Note: This data is based on information gathered during the week of July 19.

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