Kake will always be home

Posted: Monday, July 31, 2000

I would like to thank those who have assisted the people in Kake who have had the catastrophe of losing their water supply. While I share the pain of my friends and relatives in Kake, I was happy to learn of the aid from Petersburg, the Marine Highway System, the Coast Guard and the prayers of the people of Alaska.

Alaskans have always had the heart to come through in time of need, something we who live outside rarely see. I grew up in Kake, I still refer to it as home. As a subscriber to the Empire, I read the whole paper daily, so I have been sharing the grief and burden of all my people. The spokesman for the town, Mayor Anderson, speaks of not only the inconvenience of not having running water but the endangerment of the town's main economical source - which may not be in operation if there is no water. Let us all hope for the best, for if one village hurts, we all do.

Bill Martin

Fremont, Calif.

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