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Posted: Monday, July 31, 2000

Surely, I cannot be the only person in Juneau who gets the fact that human beings, through our laziness or stupidity, are the reasons that bears are being killed. It's just a matter of containing our garbage. I'm sick that the bear was killed.

It is very sad that we are killing bears in Juneau. They are not bothering anyone. If they are becoming such a nuisance, can't Fish and Game tranquilize them and relocate them? It's senseless to kill these animals.

Someone needs to pick up the trash around the pay phones located on the way to the Franklin Street dock. Whoever is making money from those phones should take responsibility and clean up the mess.

We want to give a great big thank you to the people on the boat Crackling Rose. They saved us from a very scary situation at Vanderbilt Reef. They wouldn't give us their names but we wanted to thank them for their big hearts. There are some great people in this town.

I'd like to thank the public health nurse who gave up his Saturday to give free physicals for the kids who play football. And thank you to the Juneau Football league for having that option for free. We appreciate it and the volunteerism.

In response to the caller who expressed support for the church's anti-gay platform, I am appalled that you were so forthcoming in expressing such ignorant and hypocritical beliefs in a public forum. Being gay is not a disease from which anybody needs to ``recover.''

What makes homosexuality dangerous is the people who want to reject, vilify, change or condemn them. Those people need to recover from their ignorance and lack of tolerance for human diversity. No one needs to recover from homosexuality.

There ought to be some kind of impact study on the number of cars on Egan Drive. Given the number of government bureaucrats using this highway, it has really become very congested. One suggestion is to lay off some of these government bureaucrats. I remember when Juneau didn't have all these bureaucrats and it was a really nice place to live.

Shame on the Peace and Quiet Coalition for being up in arms about releasing the noise study results before the election. Don't they want the voters to be knowledgable? I guess not.

Curses to the person who left five cats behind Super Bear in a brown box. You should be ashamed of yourself. They are safe now and with the humane society.

Kake's problem is not a disaster, it's poor planning. Considering how much rain Kake has received, it seems strange that they ran out of drinking water. People in Southeast have collected rain water off their roofs for years. It still is a common practice.

Guess what? I saw the flamingoes on Saturday in a Seattle parade. I bet they will be home this week.

I don't think people should make such a fuss about the pink flamingoes. They are just pink plastic yard art.

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