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Posted: Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Title and firm: Marie Lackman is co-owner with her husband Timothy Lackman of From Fat to P.H.A.T., an independent Herbalife distributorship selling products aimed at health and personal care. (P.H.A.T. stands for "pretty, healthy, appealing, transformed.")

Services: "Here in Juneau we don't get much sunlight, and a lot of the population has depression. We have products for this, like Mentabalance, which balances out your system," Marie Lackman said.

Herbalife, a California firm, markets capsules and teas, cosmetics, shampoos and conditioners.

"We have weight-loss programs for children, adults and the elderly. We have programs for weight gain, diabetes, heart conditions, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, recovery from surgery, products that help build the immune system, products that treat skin disorders, programs for pregnant or lactating mothers, hair growth, headaches, fatigue and insomnia," she said.

Background: Lackman worked in Washington state as a motel clerk. She is trained as a computer operator and she and her husband have run their own housecleaning service.

Quotable: "Herbalife products have dramatically helped me. I was very depressed, 76 pounds overweight and ready to exit this world a few months ago. Then my husband got me started on Mentabalance, which we nicknamed 'the herbal Prozac.' I am happier now. I have lost 20 pounds, and my children like having me around. For me, it's not just the weight loss but to be able to have overall well-being."

Family: Marie came to Juneau a year and a half ago to meet her birth mother. Marie and Timothy have two children, Mariah, 9, and Jacob, 6.

Contact information: Marie Lackman and her husband make appointments to meet clients in their own homes.

For details, call 780-6534; or e-mail Free information packets will be sent on request. Questions about content of products must be directed to Herbalife, (310) 216-9661. Readers also can browse their Web site at

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