A need for a driving refresher course

Posted: Wednesday, July 31, 2002

While driving in Juneau, I have noticed the majority of people behind the wheel do not know the most basic fundamental rules of the road, i.e., how to drive. Drivers fail to realize that the left lane on the highway is reserved for passing traffic, and should not be used for slower drivers. It is very frustrating to get stuck behind two cars side by side driving 50 mph or below on Egan when you need to be somewhere. When you see a car traveling the speed limit approach you while driving in the left lane, please be kind and move over to let them pass. At times it appears these drivers might just be oblivious to this basic courtesy. Maybe they didn't learn this in driver's ed. I have the sneaky suspicion that in fact, many of you are aware of this and just do it to spite other drivers.

My second order of business involves distractions you make while driving. These most commonly come in the form of cell phones, but are not limited to these communication devices. If you really feel like you need to make a call while driving, why not make a point to leave the house a little earlier and make the calls from a more stable environment. (One which does not involve driving a moving vehicle at high speeds.) And ladies, please make time for yourself to apply your makeup before you make your commute. Driving is already one of the most dangerous forms of travel, so why risk making it even more hazardous?

Finally, please don't pretend you are driving a racecar while careening down the road. You aren't. Weaving in and out of traffic is not only precarious, it is pretty silly. We all know it's impossible to drive out of Juneau, and there really isn't that much road out there, so how long is your drive time really going to take? Is it enough time to weave in and out of traffic, while speeding and endangering the lives of others? I don't think so. Please take to heart this small refresher course. And remember to use your turn signal; it's there for a reason.

Jesse Cote


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