ATV riders are not a threat to the public or property values

Posted: Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Well here we go again. Regarding the letter to the editor by Ben Carney ("Keep the ATV park out of my back yard," July 22), I have seen and heard this before. I was one of the main people, with the Southeast Alaska Off-Road Riders Association, who helped to fight for a legal riding area for all-terrain vehicles here in Juneau.

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In response to the 38 bullet holes on a sign and tracks leading past it, does Carney have proof an ATV rider did it? Did he see it happen personally? Just because there are tracks, he should not assume it was an ATV rider, especially if he didn't see the person. There are many people who go off the road and shoot signs. They could be car tracks.

As for the noise level, when every single Alaska Airlines jet leaves, especially the red-eye at 1 a.m., the noise carries over the entire city. Do I complain and want the airport shut down? No.

When every cruise ship leaves, it blows its foghorn. I can hear it echo all the way here in the Mendenhall Valley. Do I complain? No.

I am sure the increase of tour helicopters in Douglas is invading Carney's peace and quiet all day long. Helicopters make more noise than ATVs, not to mention the ones across from Fred Meyer.

I am sorry Carney had a bad experience on his ATV and rode it carelessly to cause himself injury. Just because he had a bad time, doesn't mean he should make it banned for others who enjoy the sport.

As for property value decreasing, there is no record of it. Look in the paper at news of the high cost of housing here in Juneau. The new area on Blueberry Hill for snowmobiles hasn't de-valued any of those homes.

It's about time that ATVs had a legal riding area again. It's time to stop the discrimination against a legal sport. All over Alaska there are legal areas for the riders to enjoy and explore, and no property values were lowered.

The ATV park will be monitored and training classes offered. We value our sport and where we ride.

Erin Anderson

ATV rider


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