Peace activists do not need to be combative, or march in 'lock-step'

Posted: Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Albert Petrarca certainly did his best to trash Juneau's peace communities in his July 25 My Turn column. Perhaps he thinks the tantrum he threw in the capitol gallery during an appearance by Sen. Ted Stevens on the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq war was more effective communication than the "tepid approach(es)" he accuses the Juneau chapter of Veterans for Peace and Juneau People for Peace and Justice of undertaking.

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Petrarca blames the peace communities for not embracing his idea of a ballot initiative earlier this year. I found his proposed ballot language a bit troubling. Petrarca was asked to clarify his proposal and introduce a plan to introduce it as a ballot measure. He never returned with his proposal - I'm sorry he regarded this as a rejection.

Petrarca's column was a petulant child's scream for attention because he didn't get all things precisely the way he wanted it. No doubt, each of us in the peace communities should reflect on our commitment to developing effective peace strategies, but we need not march in lock-step with Petrarca's every whim. I am very proud of my city's peace communities.

Don Birdseye


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