There's a side to 'SiCKO' that Moore's not telling us

Posted: Tuesday, July 31, 2007

That was a nice plug the Empire gave Michael Moore's latest polemic on the inherent evils of American society (Korry Keeker's front page article, July 26). I especially liked the quote from the French physician that Americans don't embrace socialized medicine because they're too cheap. This is megalomania at it's finest.

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Too bad Moore (or Keeker for Moore) didn't inquire into the whereabouts of said physician during the first two weeks of August 2003. Where was the vaunted French universal health care system during that time period when an astounding 11,435 people (according to the BBC) died due to exposure to a heat wave? At least 2,000 of them, mostly elderly or infirm, reportedly died in their homes because their care-givers were on holiday. Such an event dwarfs Hurricane Katrina by an order of magnitude but wasn't widely reported in this country, maybe because our wonderful press was too busy following the Natalie Holloway case or who exposed supposedly covert CIA operative Valerie Plame.

A socialist like Moore thinks the government is the answer to all our problems; this is yet another example that there's another side to the issue he's not telling us. Another point it seems relevant to make - how come a slob like Moore, who is undoubtedly worth tens of millions of dollars and can easily afford any medical treatment known, won't come down off his bully pulpit long enough to take care of his own health?

Rick Kaufman


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