Nothing wrong with confronting 'purveyors of bad policy'

Posted: Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I read with interest the letter by Matt Huston ("Conservative cruisers to meet a Juneau welcoming party," July 24), and the response by Ty McMichael ("Why harass cruise ship passengers?" July 26). Huston invites locals who oppose the political views of the passengers on a National Review cruise to head down to the docks and present an opposing point of view. McMichael responds by saying that such an event would be "harassment" and that Huston is "consumed with his own self-righteousness." I just can't tell what in Huston's letter gave McMichael that impression.

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Everyone can make up their own mind on which political policies are good and which are bad, but once you have made up your mind, there is nothing wrong with confronting the purveyors of bad policies. Huston factually points out that John Bolton and Dick Morris are speakers on the cruise, and insofar as many Americans believe that Bolton and Morris have been bad for America, it seems reasonable to go down to the docks and tell them - politely and respectfully - just how bad they have been.

Similarly, if McMichael or anyone else thinks that Bolton and Morris have been good leaders, they may also come down and tell the men just how great they think the men are.

Nicholas Rinard


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