Coast Guard: Sunken vessel recovered

Explosives taken to beach; no fuel spill was reported

Posted: Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The U.S. Coast Guard planned to supervise the off-loading of fuel from a recovered ship on Monday, six days after it capsized in Lynn Canal and spilled its cargo of explosives and an excavator.

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No spill was reported from the 1,200 gallons on board, Lt. j.g. Brierley Ostrander said. The 61-foot landing craft Pegasus had been tied up in Yankee Cove after being recovered Thursday night and emptied of water.

The 21 tons of explosives, which floated in their containers after the incident, were transferred to Coeur Alaska, the operator for the Kensington gold mine, on Wednesday.

"They were pushed to shore by a good Samaritan skiff," Ostrander said. "Once they were on the shore, they were tied to the beach overnight."

The boat had little structural damage.

The Coast Guard made sure the boat's vents were plugged so fuel wouldn't leak out. Officials also supervised the refloating of the boat and were going to supervise the planned offloading of the fuel.

The explosives, which had been in two 20-foot shipping containers, were taken to the beach after the incident on Tuesday and guarded. They were transported on a barge to Comet Beach for use at Kensington Mine.

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