Local crew releases new ski, snowboard film

Bad Larry Productions' latest to premier Aug. 8

Posted: Thursday, July 31, 2008

T hose in Juneau thinking about snow sports during the colder-than-usual summer months can get their fix with the premiere of the new ski and snowboard movie by Bad Larry Productions.

Kanaan Bausler / Bad Larry Productions
Kanaan Bausler / Bad Larry Productions

Two showings of "... And So Much More" will be held on Friday, Aug. 8, at Centennial Hall. The first showing begins at 7 p.m. and will be followed by another at 9 p.m.

Jesse West, one of the founders of Bad Larry Productions, said the group of young skiers and snowboarders departed from the format they used in last year's movie, "Just Livin'."

"Last year we grouped together the footage based by riders' parts ... they had their own little sections," said West, a skier. "This year we decided to do it where the shots took place, by location. So it's more of like a bunch of friends all in the same area together instead of individual stuff."

A lot of the movie was filmed at Eaglecrest Ski Area, but it also includes footage from the Dan Moller trail on Douglas Island and footage taken in Montana, Utah and Idaho, he said.

"Normally we do a typical ski movie, where each person has an individual part and they just kind of rifle off a bunch of shots from their season from all-over locations," said snowboarder Mark Rainery. "This year we did it by location."

The filmmakers decided to change the format to highlight the sessions rather than the individuals, he said.

"It's a lot more intimate," Rainery said. "The viewer can see ... the whole process. We found that was a more interesting way to do it, because it kind of gives you more of a feel of what was really going on."

West said the film is for both skiers and snowboarders, with pretty equal footage of both.

"There will be some sections of the movie where it's almost all skiing, and then there will be other sections where it's all snowboarding," he said.

Now in their late teens or early 20s, the group of skiers and snowboarders that comprise Bad Larry Productions have been working together at making movies since their early teenage years. Rainery said the group took its production name from a "trendy" saying.

"Some gnarly dude did something and you'd call him a Bad Larry," he said. "We never really used it, we just heard it a lot. So one day we were riding in this spot and we named it Bad Larry, and then we were trying to come up with a production name and someone mentioned it and everyone liked it so it kind of stuck."

The crew has a somewhat nonchalant approach to movie making, West said.

"I guess, basically, filming goes the same as our editing habits," he said. "We'll get in little modes where there will be times of the year where we go, 'oh we need to go film some stuff' because we feel that we need to get some shots. And then there will be a long spell of just riding for the pleasure of riding, not worrying about getting any shots."

Rainery said editing and premiering the movie in the summer is typical of skiing and snowboarding movies.

"You only have the energy to do something like this in the summer when you're a rider," he said.

As they are growing older and heading off to school or moving away, the future of Bad Larry Productions is up in the air, West said.

"We thought last year was going to be the last movie we made, and then this year we ended up getting a lot of stuff and had enough to make a pretty long movie," he said, estimating the film will run about 45 minutes.

Rainery said he hopes for a big turnout on Aug. 8 because he's unsure if there will be another movie by Bad Larry Productions next year.

"It could be the last year we're around as a collective group," he said. "We really had a bunch of fun this year and it was a really, really different year and a really, really different movie."

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