Principals should maintain order

Posted: Thursday, July 31, 2008

I would like to apologize to Linda Buckley ("Substitute teachers deserve better treatment" My Turn on July 27) for the rude and irresponsible behavior she had to endure at the hands of out-of-control students.

I also would like to apologize to Buckley for the blatant insults she was subjected to by the so-called teaching staff of Juneau-Douglas High School. Their elitist behavior toward her, a longtime civic leader and highly respected member of our community, was reprehensible.

I also would liked to apologize to Ms. Buckley for the parents who smiled when they heard the story of how "we destroyed another substitute." But most of all, I would apologize for the exceedingly unprofessional indifference of the administrative staff to the ill treatment substitutes receive at the hands of some boorish students.

The principal, vice principal, vice-vice principals and all the sycophants who watched this display of terrorism need to be called aside and not so politely informed of their duties, since they seem to have forgotten, or never knew, they are there to assist teachers and maintain order. That is the basic tenet of education.

Tom Cunningham


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