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Posted: Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm writing to tell you about one of Juneau's best kept secrets: The Learning Connection (SERRC's little red schoolhouse at 210 Ferry Way). I taught English as a Second Language there this summer, and though I would love to have stayed, my husband and I are moving to Seward.

I've had lots of fun jobs over the years, but never one as rich or rewarding. Not a day goes by that someone, and more often several people, don't say thank you, whether you helped them solve a math problem, polish up a resume or simply acknowledge them as they walk through the door. How amazing to watch the transforming power of this place. It happens slowly for some and more quickly for others, but the result is always the same when students get their GEDs, learn English or work on new job and life skills. They walk taller, make eye contact and their pride and self confidence shows. To have been even a small part of this is an honor and a gift.

If you've been thinking about getting your GED, come on in. You won't find a more welcoming atmosphere or a more supportive group of teachers and volunteers. If you have a skill to share, consider becoming a volunteer, even for only an hour a week. You won't be disappointed.

So, here's my chance to say thank you to the students whose hard work always reminds me to be grateful, to the staff that creates a space where amazing transformations happen, and to the volunteers who share their time, energy and enthusiasm. I'm so glad to have found the little red schoolhouse at 210 Ferry Way. Now it's your turn.

Nonna Shtipelman


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