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Posted: Tuesday, August 01, 2000

To the person who made the comment that Kake's problem is not a disaster but poor planning - that comment is in poor taste. What a loose cannon. This is a natural crisis.

Kake's problem is a disaster. It is not common practice to drink water off the roof. Juneau is not prepared either. If a tree knocked a power line down, we would be without lights. It was a tree that caused the water dam to break in Kake.

In response to the people being sick about bears being killed - landlords should be held responsible for the mass majority of residents downtown and their garbage.

So, it's OK to bash churches for supposedly locking out homosexuals. But it isn't OK to point out the ministry that may help the people leading the self-destructive lifestyle.

In a callers quest for tolerance, he is intolerant of views or beliefs of those who disagree with him. If he truly wants to be tolerant, he can have no personal beliefs at all. That is why truth, not tolerance, is our standard.

Kudos to the borough crew that changes the parking signs at Marine Park on a daily basis to allow locals to park when the cruise ships are not in. They are doing a great job.

It was nice that the highway's shoulder was expanded on Egan Drive. Now, it's time to pick up the sod from the Williams and Super Bear intersections.

Why should some Word of Mouther tell me what should or shouldn't be on the ballot. We live in the USA - a democracy. By the way, I can't wait to vote in favor of the road.

Pro-roaders should think twice before putting it on the ballot. What if it loses? What then?

Growing up in Haines, I knew there were a lot of rare birds living in and passing through the Chilkat Valley. But the rare butterfly described in the Panhandle Post of the Empire the other day - now that was really neat.

This convention weak display shouldn't fool anyone. Republican compassionate conservatism is an oxymoron.

It's a pity that people who are not handicapped feel like they can park in handicapped zones. Excuses like they are just running in for a minute or there is plenty of handicapped parking just doesn't cut it.

I am outraged. The Peace and Quiet Coalition told me to sign the petition so the people of Juneau could decide whether there was a problem. Now, they don't want the professional noise study results to be released before the election. Why? Are they afraid of scientific data?

First, I live on Douglas Island directly across from the cruise ship terminal. I would like to commend the flightseeing companies for the dramatic reduction in tour-related aircraft noise. Second, we should welcome the opportunity to vote on the noise initiative so we can silence the pathetic and whining of the obviously small and vocal minority that continues to waste the borough's time and money berating this non-issue.

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