Carnival kids

Posted: Wednesday, August 01, 2001

Thank you to the clowns at the Moose carnival last weekend. If not for them the weekend would have been a total bust for my kids. They didn't charge my kids for balloons and let them hang with them, possibly wasting more balloons than anything. The games are darn near impossible to win and I think whoever is in charge of the rules needs to evaluate how strict they are. Kids should have a chance to get more than a 10-cent toy when they spend most of their tickets at a booth trying to win. Some of these games are just plain unfair to little ones. In the bowling game you have to flip all six pins up with three balls! Maybe an adult could pull it off or a kid with great luck but really there should be new games or new rules for the young ones - who are the only reason parents go and blow their hard-earned money. I am glad my money went to help good causes but, really, have a heart! Again, thanks to the clowns who ask for nothing and yet give everything to get a smile!!

Victoria Scharen


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