Giving seniors tax breaks is right

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, August 01, 2005

I totally disagree with Tim Whiting's My Turn. Senior citizens' tax exemptions are not the problem.

My parents came to Juneau in 1936 with less than $l00 between them. Despite their lack of money, they made something of themselves, which included setting priorities (money for a down payment on a house) and additional savings, which resulted in myself and my brother having our college expenses paid for.

My parents had to make tough choices, which many of our young people today are unwilling to do. Right now it is more important to eat out at expensive restaurants, attend movies and concerts, and don't forget the lattes and cell phones.

I like to watch Suzie Orman's TV show, and 90 percent of her callers with financial problems are from the younger generation. Instant gratification and lack of serious priorities (like saving money) are going to make it virtually impossible to ever own a house.

Tim Whiting, I feel, is trying to blame seniors for the financial problems of younger people. Even though seniors have tax exemptions, they are not preventing Juneau business owners from making a profit off them. Let's end the class warfare and envy and jealousy thoughts. My mother, as well as many other seniors, spent many, many years doing volunteer work at no salary and I don't think it is asking too much for seniors to get tax breaks.

Ralph Swap


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