Measure 2 is bad for state's economy
Many small businesses have a tough time getting by, just think how bad it would get if we allow Measure 2 to pass.

Getting creative around the house
I get creative when it's quiet around the house. I don't turn the radio on, and I don't take the newspaper out of its plastic bag.

Sanford's My Turn criticized unfairly
In his letter of July 25, Mark Rorick of the Sierra Club picked apart a My Turn article about the Kensington Mine project written by the Juneau Assemblyman Merrill Sanford.

Bush's stem cell position is defensible
The president of the United States vetoes a bill providing federal funds for embryonic stem cell research, an action consistent with his long-held and often expressed opposition to the use of federal funds for such a purpose...

Palin will move the capital from Juneau
Once again, the capital move became the most important issue for residents of Southeast Alaska during an ongoing election year.

Road project is a waste of public money
The proposed road north of Juneau is a waste of public funds. Our state ferry system, though imperfect, offers travel opportunities to walk-on travelers and those who enjoy road trips.

A road would give us access to coast
The Juneau access road - is it good or bad, does it compete with the ferry? It seems that every poll that has come out has the community split on the issue.

'Tubes' wasn't far off the industry jargon
In response to several letters to the editor about my recent remarks on "Net neutrality," it is important to note that Ed Felton, a well-regarded expert on technology and a professor from Princeton University, has stated that my use of the word "tubes" was not far off from the common industry jargon, "pipes."

Employer greed part of high living cost
The Juneau Economic Development Council's recent study expresses deep concern about the "high cost of living" in Juneau.

Juneauite among Capitol Hill's most beautiful
Sara Parsons of Juneau has been dubbed one of the 50 most beautiful people on Capitol Hill.

A story in Monday's paper, "Juneauite among Capitol Hill's most beautiful," quoted both Sara Parsons and her father, former Juneau Mayor Jamie Parsons.

Photo: One on one
Wilda Laughlin rides her custom-built mountain unicycle for exercise Sunday morning along Old Glacier Highway.

Police & Fire
Reports from Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers.

No serious injuries in Berners Bay crash
Seven people scrambled out of a Ward Air floatplane that crashed Monday morning into Berners Bay, escaping without major injuries, according to state and federal officials.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Police & Fire
Reports from Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Photo: Hydrant hygiene
City utilities worker Paul Puustinen scrubs a water hydrant Monday along the 3600 block of North Douglas Highway.

Sales tax goes on ballot
The Juneau Assembly decided Monday night to let citizens vote in October on whether to extend a 3 percent sales tax.

Patricia Jane Lupro Howey
Juneau resident Patricia Jane Lupro Howey, 54, died July 18, 2006, in McMinnville, Ore., after a four-year battle with cancer.

My turn: All-Alaska gas line: an insider's view
As a former community and public relations specialist for Alyeska Pipeline Service Co., I find the onslaught of advertising by Exxon, BP and ConocoPhillips, and their thinly veiled support groups, deceptive at best.

Alaska editorial: Governor's gas tax plan could backfire
Gov. Frank Murkowski wants the November vote on a natural gas reserves tax to mean nothing.

My turn: Smarter choices for the city
Any business owner knows how challenging it can be to create a budget. With limited funding, you have to make trade-offs and tough choices while bringing your organization closer to a future vision.

Nunaka Valley takes Junior Softball title
Three passed balls and an error in the first inning Sunday helped give Nunaka Valley more than they needed to beat Juneau in the deciding game of the Alaska State Little League Junior Softball championship series at Melvin Park.

Sports in Juneau
Listing of local sports.

Sports in Juneau
Listing of local sports in Juneau.

Photo: It's my party
Ricco, an Anchorage Police Department dog, enjoys a plate of food at his retirement party Thursday in Anchorage.

This Day in History
In Alaska, the nation and the world

Alaska firefighters going south
Alaska firefighters are headed to northern California to help battle wildfires in that state.

New subdivisions blocking access to Chugach State Park
Public access to Chugach State Park is being diminished because of development on private land that is blocking trails leading to the park.

Alaska Digest
A Wyoming man visiting Tenakee Springs told Alaska State Troopers he had a problem while bathing in the Chichagof Island village.

Ship salvage worker dies in fall
A member of a salvage team looking at how to stabilize a listing ship in the Aleutian Islands died when he lost his footing, slid down the ship's deck and hit his head, the Coast Guard said Monday.

Man works four years to restore part of Chena River
There's a trace of satisfaction in Jack Williams' smile when he looks at the bank of the Chena River behind the Fairbanks Drama Association and Children's Theatre.

Authorities targeting vessel oil discharges
Even as soaring prices make oil a precious commodity, some people conspire to get rid of it.

University sponsors sessions for state political candidates
The University of Alaska is holding a series of meetings for state candidates in August at campuses around the state.

Biggest PFD dividend in years possible
Alaskans could be getting the biggest permanent fund dividend in years this fall.

Governor: Public will back gas line
Alaskans will vote for a North Slope pipeline deal if given the chance, Gov. Frank Murkowski said Monday.

Alaska Digest
The Alaska state medical examiner said he must wait for a toxicology report before he can determine what caused the death of a 42-year-old Juneau woman found dead in her car Friday morning.

This Day in History
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