For the public good, please don't let ATVs have North Douglas

Posted: Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Does anyone believe that an ATV park located within 300 feet of the homes located in one the most remote forest areas of North Douglas will not make that area drastically worse? The city wants to open up this area for use by these loud and wasteful vehicles until midnight every day. The thought of those two-stroke engines, revved up to their red-lines, driving aimlessly around an increasingly torn-up landscape is just abhorrent.

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Eventually, just like at Echo Cove, they will drink and drive out of their defined space, into our back yards, destroying our land, and maybe stealing what they want that we have not locked down. Who are we kidding? Has no one with the city taken a good look at what has happened at both of the places they have been before? How they have destroyed and alienated themselves from all the neighbors. None of them are homeowners paying upwards of $5,000 a year in property taxes.

Everywhere these people go, they destroy, they are loud, they drink and they infringe on the peace and quiet of anyone within miles to burn fuel for no purpose other than their own reckless joy at everyone else's expense. Can the city be so uncaring to people who already have made their homes here? Who care for the surrounding forest and its natural beauty by leaving it undisturbed and pristine?

Please, look at this more realistically, at what you will be doing to those who are already there. It's just not fair to make these homeowners endure this noise, fuel odors, trash and dangerous illegal activities that will no doubt follow based on their track records at other places like Echo Cove. The city should be looking to ban them from this type of activity altogether. Make them prove a valid reason for destroying our land, using this fuel and polluting our valley with fumes that fill only recreational needs. Are we not getting smarter than that about our environment and our need to be better stewards of our lands? Please, can we end this madness, this waste and this polluted, mindless use of resources for self-indulgent pleasures?

Bob Hunsick


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