Juneau dress challenge

Posted: Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Stronger Together Juneau Dress Challenge started on a cold January 5:30 am morning when Liz LaPierre and Genevieve McLaughlin were on their way to work out at Curves at the Airport Mall. They decided it would be a great New Years resolution to get back into their wedding dresses.

Courtesy Of Genevieve Mclaughlin
Courtesy Of Genevieve Mclaughlin

The challenge grew to include the community of Juneau to encourage women to unite and get fit and strong together. The challenge ended in July with Kathy Honea as the biggest loser. She lost an amazing 48 pounds and 47.5 inches in four short months.

Honea found her biggest motivator through having a place to work out. LaPierre and McLaughlin both agree after the first month of attending Curves they saw quick results, which kept them motivated.

Curves is a facility specially designed for women, featuring a complete 30-minute workout and weight management program that participants find to be fun, fast and safe. Curves features Curves Smart, a personal coaching system that will ensure that women get maximum benefits based on their specific fitness level.

At Curves, Honea found the staff to be encouraging with their positive attitudes and smiling faces. She made a decision to "just do it," to make a personal commitment for herself and no one else.

"Through this challenge I have learned I can do anything!" Honea said. "I have gained self confidence, energy and many friends through Curves. I feel so much better physically and mentally. I also feel lighter on my feet. I am so amazed I can raid my 18-year-old daughter's closet, and the clothes fit! I look younger and my husband loves my curves and encourages me to go to my 6 a.m. workout! I went on vacation and actually lost weight.

"Now if I can get everyone to stop trying to feed me I can maintain my current weight loss," Honea joked.

"As you build muscle through the Curves 30-minute resistance, strength and cardio circuit, you continue to burn calories even when your body is at rest," said Charlene Schrader, current owner of Curves in Juneau.

"You have to want to make a change in yourself, and to be dedicated," encouraged LaPierre. "It is possible to get rid of those unwanted pounds and to transform your body. Finding 30 minutes of your day to dedicate to yourself is important because you are worth it! I am a wife, mother of two, work full-time and am a student at UAS. Finding the time isn't easy, but starting my morning with a quick workout gives me more energy and is a huge stress reliever. It's better with a buddy. Come join Genevieve and me at 6 a.m. We will workout with you!"

"The amazing part of Curves is how quick you can work your entire body," McLaughlin said. "30 minutes and you can burn up to 500 calories. I love the Curves Smart personal trainer. I get immediate feed back on my calories burned and how well I worked all my muscle groups. Curves is designed for every generation, whether you are in your twenties or your eighties. Personally I enjoy not only the workout but the conversations. Truly, Curves has a great atmosphere to work out in! The friendships and the unity I feel with the other ladies working out are priceless."

Honea won a grand prize worth over $1000 dollars, which included a one-year membership to Curves, a one-hour massage and haircut from Rejuvenation, a tanning package from Sun Kissed, and a one night stay and dinner for two at The Prospector.

It is a new day. Make a commitment to yourself, whether it is to lose weight, tone and firm your body, or just to stay healthy. Curves will be accepting new members through the month of August with no monthly fee. September marks the twelve-year anniversary of Curves in Juneau and the gym will be hosting the "Go for the Green" challenge. For more information, call 789-4437.

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