We created it, we can clean it up

Posted: Wednesday, August 02, 2000

News of pollution is getting to be ``old'' and ``boring'' news. Pollution has been around since mankind invented motor-operated boats, ships and discovered oil. Like the saying goes, ``Man made pollution, man can also clean up the mess created.''

It took people this long to realize there's pollution everywhere, when it's been there for decades, and it won't go away all by itself. There's no magic solution to this problem. But we have to work together and not make enemies over something everyone has to live with because there is no other planet suitable to live on. It makes more sense to put that negative energy to positive use by working together instead of making enemies over pollution that the whole human race has created over the centuries.

You see it on the news networks every week - dead whales washing ashore on beaches due to polluted waters from man-made chemicals. The northwestern part of Alaska is suffering due to lack of salmon because of too many polluted waters from the same source.

If technology can launch man into outer space and invent pollution-free cars, why can't someone invent pollution-free transportation for ships, ferries and other boats? Then no one would have to cry on each others' shoulders over pollution they created themselves.

Big cities need to develop ways to operate pollution-free companies so city folks won't have to live in smogsville. Pollution is everywhere on this puny planet and it's all from man-made chemicals. Pollution will always be around until people change the way they do things.

Virginia E. Atkinson


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